theophiletos (theophiletos) wrote,

A Swedish Bible!

My father-in-law gave me a Swedish Bible! That's so cool! (No, I don't read Swedish, but I still think it's cool.)

While perusing the book to see what else is in it, I came across something that didn't fit my list of common Bible addenda (table of weights and measures, maps, glossaries, etc.). It was entitled Kristi lidandes historia, utdragen ur alla evangelisternas skrifter. Now, I don't read Swedish, so I typed it into an online Swedish to English translater, and between the Swedish, the computer translation, and my knowledge of German, I would translated it "The story of Christ's sufferings, selected from the writings of all the evangelists." The translation given by the software, however, is funnier as it stands: "Crystal sufferings stories, abstracts from all evangelisternas scripts."
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