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what's happened

A lot has happened, but I haven't had much time for lj.

We went camping in Minnesota with my older brother and his wife, her dad and step-mom, and my brother's friends. It was fun. There were thunder storms part of the time, but the tornado missed us, and the cabin that my brother stayed in came with this rowboat, while all the guys had motorboats to do some serious fishing. So I took the rowboat out. It was good getting a bit of exercise, and learning a bit how to row. The third full day, the wind was blowing hard, so I set off against the wind and made very difficult headway. My goal was to make it to the nearer end of the lake (which is long and narrow), about 1.5-2 miles away. I got a bit over a mile in 1hr 20 min, and then decided it was past lunch time and so turned back and cruised back in half the time with the wind. That was hard work, though! While in MN, we also spent time with grandparents, which was good, and I bought a German Bibel and a French Bible.

Since coming back, I've received manuscript reproductions from Berlin, Cambridge, and Paris. I'm still waiting for Oxford. Some of the reproductions came on microfilm, but I have those now scanned to pdf or jpg. Also, we bought a laptop computer for me to play with (Compaq Presario, Windows Vista, 1G of RAM which we upgraded to 2G), and we've already watched a DVD on it (okay, it was a VegieTales episode). It's very strange having a laptop, because previously I've only used other people's laptops very briefly. But it has been nice.

Unfortunately, one of the most interesting Berlin manuscripts didn't come on the microfilm from Berlin. When I inquired about it, they informed me that they no longer have it, and suggested I contact the Uniwersytet Jagiellonski in Krakow. Fortunately, I have a Polish friend here, so with her help I sent off an email entirely in Polish to their library to inquire after the manuscript. That does mean I probably won't get to see it this trip, which is unfortunate since it was one of the manuscripts I was most looking forward to seeing.

I've also started making accommodation reservations for our stays in Europe. I know, I should have done this months ago. I spent about five hours researching hostels and budget hotels in Paris a couple days ago, and about the same amount of time today researching Berlin. Ick. And the flight between Berlin and Paris proved difficult. I still need to finagle the flight from London to Berlin and from Paris to London. Thankfully, we can stay with a friend in Oxford, and I can commute into London from Oxford. And I may have a lead to stay with someone in Cambridge. I can't wait until all the reservations are done so I can get back to playing with manuscripts, though.

There's a bit more, but I'm tired. So good night, and God bless you.
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I am looking forward to seeing you!! Wish I were going to Europe though. You will have to tell me about manuscripts.