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the end is nigh

I have not posted since September, and have only really read the posts on one occasion since the last post, because I have been Studying For Generals. (Okay, last term I also had to take a last class, so I took "Introduction to the Islamic Scholarly Tradition," also known as reading Arabic Muslim scholarship from the Middle Ages to the present; it was great, but really hard.)

My general exams start tomorrow. One week take-home written exam (9am Monday to 3pm Friday) followed by a two-hour oral exam (the following Thursday). I will be examined in three fields (which I devised with my examiners):
  • Religious Communities in the Mongol Empire, from Chinggis Khan to Timur Lenk, 1206-1405 (with special reference to the Ilkhanate of Persia)
  • The Byzantine Church, 1204-1453 (also known as Greek Orthodoxy from the Fourth Crusade to the Ottoman capture of Constantinople)
  • Reformation and Counter-Reformation in the Sixteenth Century

It's been a lot of fun studying for them, and I now know more about Chinggis Khan's personal life than I ever thought I'd have to. (Chinggis is better known in English under the form Genghis). But I am ready to be done, and in eleven days I'll be free! (Then on to that little matter called the dissertation...)
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