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Summer has begun

I finished my last paper (a review of 15th C European travel accounts which mention Trebizond) on Friday and turned it in, so my summer has begun! And the weather reflects it: yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the next day are all in the mid to upper 90s F. Ick. We bought a small air conditioner Friday and installed it in our bedroom, so at least we can retreat to a cool place. We did spend a surprizing amount of this afternoon in the bedroom...

What "let the summer begin" really means: now I can start comparing my digital text of various 15th C texts to manuscripts (or at least reproductions of manuscripts).

And a theological question. In Sunday school class we had a racing review of (Western) Christian theology from Justin Martyr (died c. 165) to Immanuel Kant (d. 1824). The overview will include a few 19th C and 20th C theologians next week, but we ran out of time today. But the pastor made an interesting comment: because Kant regarded all human knowledge as "phenomena," i.e. propositions which can be verified on the basis of observation, which is a mutually exclusive category (from Kant's perspective) from "noumena," i.e. all propositions which can be understood but not observationally verified (including all statements about God, for instance), all subsequent theology has consisted in attempts to "rescue" Christianity from the conclusion that agnosticism is inescapable, i.e. that we really can't know anything about God at all. How would my various readers respond to the charge? Anyone want to say "Amen"? Anyone want to quarrel with this, and if so, how? I have a possible answer of my own, which I may share if I remember, but I'm curious if any of you have ideas before I trot out my own response.

Next week, however, we'll be camping in Minnesota with my older brother (it's his birthday), so hopefully it will be cooler in the great Midwest. The forecast is saying 70s, and I'm looking forward to it!
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